Guest Post: Cara Lynn Shultz on Inspiration

I'd like to welcome Cara Lynn Shultz, author of Spellbound, to the blog today to tell us a little bit about where her inspiration comes from:

About Cara Lynn Shultz
Cara Lynn Shultz’s love of supernatural writing began when she was 7 and wrote a play about ghosts, which she and her friends acted out on her grandparents’ porch. Since then, her work has appeared in Teen People, Alternative Press, Stuff, InStyle, Us Weekly, The Guardian UK and countless posts on Facebook and Twitter. She is a proud graduate of Fordham University and is currently a senior editor at Cara lives in her native New York City with her husband, tuxedo cat and 8 million other people. Spellbound is her first novel.

Inspiration—oh, where does it come from? I wish there was a magic formula, because then I’d never know the (bang-your-head-against-the-wall) frustration of writer’s block, but there are a few things that put me in the writing mood:

I can’t write without music. At all. When I was writing Spellbound, I listened to a lot of songs that I loved in high school—I put those songs on, shut my eyes, and—boom! I’m 16 all over again. (I listened to a lot of Green Day, The Cranberries and Bouncing Souls.) Listening to the soundtrack of my own teenage years put me right back into that headspace of being a teen girl.

When I was writing Angelique’s epilogue in the back of the book—a story which does get a little dark—I listened to “O Fortuna,” the super-creepy Carmina Burana song, more popularly known as the song from The Omen (aka the “Things Are Gonna Get Creepy” song).

When I’m blocked, I like to put on my headphones and just go for a walk, and work the characters out in my head. I get a lot of inspiration just walking around New York, people-watching and seeing how they interact. You’d be surprised by some of the conversations you can overhear in Times Square.

I’m inspired by art—in Spellbound’s case, particularly Rodin’s The Kiss. It’s amazing how something cold and hard like marble can appear so soft and convey such desire, such emotion. The man and woman depicted are supposed to be doomed lovers from Dante’s Inferno—sharing their last kiss—and they embrace with such passion, they could set the damn marble on fire. No matter what tragedy surrounds them, they lose themselves in the embrace.

I’m also inspired by great characters—Emma and Brendan’s last names are nods to favorite authors/characters. Emma Connor is after Conor Larkin, the hero from Leon Uris’s Trinity whom I absolutely LOVE. Personality-wise, she’s inspired more by favorite female characters—tough, but vulnerable survivors. Francie Nolan, Buffy Summers and Elizabeth Bennet come to mind. Those characters are all so different, but they’re all strong willed with such a clear sense of self. And Brendan Salinger’s name is, of course, in homage to J.D. Salinger, since Catcher in the Rye is one of my all-time favorite books. After I reread Spellbound, I realized that some of Brendan’s traits are very Holden-esque. His hatred of phony people, his general disdain for high school and sometimes for himself—I didn’t realize it until I was finished how Brendan was inspired by Holden.
Thank you so much, Cara, for stopping by and telling us about the things that inspire you!

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  1. Wow Thanks for your wonderful post! Reading Cara's thoughts is really amazing! It's interesting to read that she can only write with music, I think
    I would be to distracted, but yet... I'm not a writer, so what do I know :)

    Thanks so much for being part of this tour and sharing this wonderful post with us!

  2. Great post, Jenny!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Fantastic post! I've been enjoying this book tour :o)

  4. Haha. I love the text. :)
    I love her inspirations and the statue is amazing.

  5. Great Post =D

    Thanks so much for this chance! I am DYING to read this book! thank you thank you!

    tfalick at yahoo dot come

  6. Great post! The book sounds great!

  7. What a fun book tour Jenny! Thanks for hosting it. This book looks good.

  8. Great post! I listen to music too when I write, but I never thought about going back to my high school music to put me in a high school frame of mind. Great idea!


  9. Excellent guest post! I, too, love Green Day. They're such an AWESOME band. It was cool to hear that the author pulled her characters' names from some of the characters in her favorite books as well.

    Spellbound is still sounding like a great read to me, so thanks for this giveaway!

  10. Thank you for the lovely post and giveaway opportunity today.

  11. This sounds like a great book can't wait to read it great giveaway thank you so much!

  12. What a wonderful post. I just finished reading and review this book on my blog, but I would love to own an actual copy of it! :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung


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