Favorite Covers: June 2011

Here are some of my favorite covers for June 2011: The Horizontal Hair Edition

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
I love the ethereal feel of this cover! It's eerie and beautiful. I like the pale skin of the girl and the white dress against the bright blue, and the drama of the red ribbon and lettering. Remember how I feel about fabric blowing in the wind? I love fabric floating in water equally as much. I also like that the perspective has been flipped so that the surface of the water is not at the top, giving the illusion of being suspended underwater rather than floating near to the surface. But pick this up in a store for the beautiful cover image and then read the description on the back which reveals that one of the characters finds a dead body floating in a water reservoir, and this incredibly beautiful image becomes incredibly creepy very quickly.
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Hourglass by Myra McEntire
I love this cover more the more I look at it. I like purple, so I'm really digging the wallpaper. The girl walking down the wall is quirky and fun as well as a little bizarre and creepy. I really like the lines of the dress falling toward the floor and the pose of the model, which is almost as straight as the lines of the baseboards and flooring except for the sharp angle of her back leg and the curve of her neck. Once again, I like that the image has been flipped so that the perspective changes, making what is actually happening in the image not as noticeable right away. And I really love the font.
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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
I really like the starkness of this cover for a book set in a wasteland ridden with sandstorms. Looking at it, one can almost see the sun glaring off of the dried-up surroundings and feel the wind blowing sandy dirt into everything. The wasteland is apparent in the image's lack of color and the dust that is whipping itself around the girl and blowing grit around, obscuring even portions of the author's name in a hazy cloud. And then, BLAM! Big, grungy, red letters provide drama and contrast, and do so effectively, illustrating the red blood of the title's imagery.
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Do you also like these covers? Are there any books that are released this month that you just have to have because you love the cover so much?


  1. I adore all these covers, for many of the reasons you do! Especially IG, that blue just draws my eye :)

  2. These covers ARE awesome! I've been waiting to get to Hourglass and now I should check out these others too.

  3. I think my favourite here is Hourglass because not only is the image is haunting but the colours in the image really do contrast perfectly.

    Imaginary Girls also has a gorgeous cover which was in fact taken by one of my favourite photographers - Elena Kalis, so if you like the image you should check out her other stuff especially her Alice in Wonderland photo-shoot.

    My WoW

  4. Great picks. There's something so mysterious about both of them - so mesmerizing and intriguing at the same time.


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