Book Buying Ban

You guys, I have a problem!  (One that I am sure most of you can understand.)  I keep buying books faster than I can read them.  I have made peace with the fact that my to-read list is catching up to and will soon surpass my read list in number.  But now my stack of books that I own but have not read is pushing one hundred.  But I keep buying them.  Argh!  I am putting myself on a book buying ban through February.  During these four weeks, I will do my best to read as many of my existing stack of books as possible.  This way, when I go on a book buying binge on March 1st, I won't be too much worse off than I am right now.

It is going to be really hard for me to stop splurging on books, but it will also be rewarding to whittle down the stack of books I have to read and get it to a more manageable number.  I am counting on yall to be my moral support!  If you have words of wisdom and support then feel free to share them!  And if you're currently battling your own out of control stack of books then I want to hear about how I am not alone.  And if you think I'm insane for attempting to go a month without buying more books, by all means, share that with me as well!  I doubt that I will be completely successful in this endeavor because, as I said, I have a problem!  But I do intend to try, and I hope to at least read books faster than I can buy them for a while.


  1. I totally know how you feel; every time I get a few of my TBR list done with, I go and buy a whole new batch and I'm right back where I started. I'm not sure I could go a whole month (I have a serious book-binge addiction) but I'm sure you're stronger than me. :)

  2. We are doing the same thing this month...It's so hard, but I have so many books I want to catch up on.

  3. I haven't been buying books for 2 weeks now and it's been very hard !! I think I'll order some today =)

  4. You're very courageous... It'd be absolutely necessary for me to do the same but... I just can't! lol
    Good luck!


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