E-Book Deals: July 2012

There are SO many awesome ebooks on sale right now! So I'm going to share some of my finds just in case any of you were looking for a reason or were waiting for a sale to snag one of these titles!

Please double-check pricing before buying, as these sales don't always last long and the prices may change at any time. Images link to Kindle editions, but the other ebook stores should have the same or similar pricing on most of these.

Adult High Fantasy @ $2.99

YA @ $0.99

YA @ $1.59

YA @ $2.99

YA @ $3.99

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon associate. Using my links to purchase a book gives me a small commission (a few cents), which I put toward fun things like hosting book giveaways, etc.


  1. I'm loving all of the ebook steals this month! I'm loading up on a ton of them. Thanks for posting them all in one convenient location! ;)

    1. Right?! I've bought almost all of these. And I can't stop eyeballing the few that I have yet to give in to.


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